What Amount Of Leakage Reduction Is Expected?

We have seen leakage reduction up to 90%.

Does Aeroseal Coat The Duct Work?

No it only fills the leaks in the duct from the inside.

Is The Aerosol Harmful In Any Way?

The aerosol has a zero OSHA maximum exposure limit, however, as a precaution we ask that elderly, pregnant woman and children not be present while we are performing the sealing.

How Long Does It Take To Do The Sealing?

It usually takes about 8 hours start to finish. Once we are done the system can be used.

Do You Need To Open Walls?

No! We are able to reach all of the duct work with out opening walls, cutting holes in ceilings and any other areas that are concealed.

What Is The Warranty?

The product has a ten year warranty for residential properties.

Should We Remove Any Items From The Home?

We will drop off the day before the sealing is done, a bin of sheets to cover anything that may be of value. Tv, computers, furniture, art work etc. We will need access to all supply and return grills. Anything that is in front, around, or covering these grills will need to moved prior to our arrival.